GNAC launches inaugural working paper series.

Founding members of the Global Nuclear Awareness Coalition (GNAC) at University of California Santa Cruz are proud to announce their inaugural working paper series. The 2014 working paper series consists of papers written by founding members of the working group.

The first paper of the series, “Weapons of Mass Distraction,” is formidable and forward-looking simultaneously. Written by graduate student Amber Hickey from the History of Arts and Visual Culture program, it critically examines the detriment of nuclear-bomb explosion imagery as a spectacle. Her paper focuses specifically on the Nevada Test Site, and it uses theories of Guy Debord and Félix Guattari to both deconstruct and propose alternatives to such spectacles, respectively. Please read more here.

Additional papers will be published in the coming months. Please stay tuned for new working paper features covering topics ranging from radiation pollution in waterways, nuclear weapons and citizenship, and hydrogen energy. For more information, please email hfukurai [at] ucsc [dot] com.

Photo courtesy: Hash Milhan on flickr


Join us for the first public GNAC meeting on May 23rd at UCSC.

Please join the UCSC Global Nuclear Awareness Coalition this Thursday, May 23 from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm at the Cervantes & Velasquez Conference Room (Room # 318) at the Bay Tree Conference Center to hear about and discuss global and local nuclear issues.

UCSC Global Nuclear Awareness Coalition (GNAC) was formed by a group of critical scholars who have come together to better understand and communicate issues related to nuclear power, energy sovereignty, and indigenous knowledge. In our first public meeting, we wish to share information about our research and create dialogue with the greater Santa Cruz community regarding the future of nuclear technologies. We also wish to encourage other critical scholars to join the Coalition and begin the GNAC Working Paper Series to facilitate collaborative research and publication of collaborative works. Please check out our draft website or join the Google Forum here for more information. We hope to see you there!

Final GNAC Flyer